Pricing, Updates and upgrades

All information below about pricing, updates and upgrades are based on Forecast Pro conditions

Forecast Pro license is provided on a perpetual, per-named-user basis. You will pay one-time costs, not recurring annual fees.All Forecast Pro licenses include 12 months of maintenance and support at no extra charge, and subsequent years will cost 20% of the base purchase price. For academic, we provide special discounts.

If you have specific needs, please contact us and we will prepare a tailored quote. 

For each Forecast Pro edition, a specific Pricing


Forecast Pro TRAC

provides your organization with a adequate solution for forecasting and other tools

Forecast Pro Unlimited

You will find all the basics for making better business decisions—forecast as many items as needed, manage and adjust forecasts with ease, and extract forecast results.

Forecast Pro 100

dedicated to modest  forecasting requirements.  For modest price, you will not sacrificing accurate, state-of-the-art statistical forecasting.


Forecast Pro TRAC

Forecast Pro Unlimited

Forecast Pro 100

Forecaster                Licences               

Forecaster                Licences               

Forecaster                Licences               

PriceNumber of Users
$9 9951
$14 9902
$20 9853
$23 9804
$4 995/User5+
PriceNumber of users
Pricenumber of users


Forecast Pro TRAC

Forecast Pro Unlimited

Collaborator               Licences               

Collaborator              Licences               

Pricenumber of users
Pricenumber of users

Prices as of January 1st, 2022.  For prices contact us

For each User -Forecaster and Collaborator- Forecast Pro provides specific license.

A Forecaster license allows the user access to all of Forecast Pro’s functionality, including the ability to import new data, generate statistical forecasts, and manipulate forecast models.

A Collaborator license allows the user to open previously generated forecasts, make direct forecast adjustments and overrides, and save reports.

Collaborator and Forecaster licenses  include an Excel add-in that allows  collaboration via customized spreadsheets.

It is important to notice that for configuring licenses for a  team, it is mandatory that at least one Forecaster license is required to generate the forecasts.

What about software updates and upgrades?

Any Forecast Pro license will include one year of maintenance and support at no additional cost.

This includes all product updates offering new features and improved functionality—big or small—as well as unlimited technical support via phone and e-mail.

The fee to continue annual Maintenance and Support in subsequent years is 20% of the net purchase price paid for the Forecast Pro license.

Edition available
Forecast Pro TRAC
Forecast Pro Unlimited
Forecast Pro 100
Version as of 2023