Our training approach and our commitments


Unlock your potential and explore new professional horizons with demanding training tailored to your needs and those of your organization!

PREDICONSULT supports you in areas at the forefront of the digital revolution that are transforming our world and the functioning of organizations.


The fields of Data Science, Predictive Analysis, and Forecasting have become increasingly important in businesses. Companies possess increasingly rich and diverse data.

By harnessing these data effectively, they gain insights that can be transformed into benefits and advantages, allowing them to stay ahead in the competition.

All professionals involved in these fields – Forecasters, Data Planners, Analysts, Data Scientists, managers, etc. – must possess essential knowledge to apply, manage, and leverage everything these fields can offer to the company.

We provide you with training programs and learning paths tailored to these domains to acquire and develop your knowledge and skills, enabling you to progress towards expertise and performance

Our training approach and our commitments

For each training, we provide clear information on our website. You can download our training catalog or the specific training sheet that interests you. For any additional information, feel free to contact us at information@prediconsult.com

At least 15 days before the start of the training, and once your registration is confirmed, you will receive a questionnaire to let us know your expectations. If necessary, an interview will follow no later than one week before the start of the training to further discuss them.

Once your registration is confirmed, you will receive a Participant Handbook by email containing information about the course you will be attending: location, schedule, program, and details.

For each training, you will find on our website a sheet clearly stating the objectives and the detailed program. This sheet can also be sent to you by email or mail upon your request. We will ensure that the objectives and program align with your expectations expressed in the questionnaire and, if necessary, during the additional interview.

Electronic documentation of the course content, case studies, and exercises will be provided to you at the beginning of the training. However, beforehand, a printed summary of the course will be given to you on the first day of your training. At the end of the training, a certificate of completion will be handed to you in person or sent by mail, as appropriate.

Our pedagogical approach revolves around at least three pillars: a theoretical approach, examples and case studies, and practical applications, especially with dedicated software when possible. You will have the opportunity to use your own data during these computer-based exercises.

In the Participant Handbook that you will receive a few days before the start of your training, you will find an evaluation and satisfaction questionnaire. Please complete it and hand it over to the facilitator before the end of the training. A session of at least 30 minutes (depending on the number of participants) will be dedicated to the analysis and discussion of all evaluations.

Approximately two weeks after the conclusion of your training, we will offer you a 30-minute interview by phone or any other means of communication (Skype, MS Teams, etc.) to analyze together how the completed training is assisting you in your daily work. Our instructor will provide guidance and address any questions you may have.

We rely on a network of partners and our own experts to offer you a training program that meets your business needs and is innovative in its content and approach. All our experts come from the business world and business schools. They invest significant resources to stay at the forefront of their expertise. A resume will be sent to you before confirmation of your registration.

In France, the AGEFIPH (Association de Gestion du Fonds pour l’Insertion Professionnelle des Personnes Handicapées) offers assistance and support for the training of people with disabilities.

The mission of AGEFIPH is to help individuals with disabilities in their professional lives and to support companies in their recruitment and job retention projects for people with disabilities.

Who can benefit from AGEFIPH’s range of services and financial aid?

Individuals with disabilities who are beneficiaries of Article L 5212-13 of the Labor Code, meaning: Workers recognized as disabled by the Commission des droits et de l’autonomie des personnes handicapées (CDAPH).

What are the aids provided by AGEFIPH?

  1. Support for welcoming, integrating, and advancing in the professional field.
  2. Assistance in adapting work situations.
  3. Support for hiring through apprenticeship contracts.
  4. Assistance for hiring through professionalization contracts.

How does AGEFIPH intervene with companies?

To assist companies in recruiting, retaining, and advancing their employees with disabilities, AGEFIPH provides financial assistance and services designed to compensate for disabilities in the workplace or cover the additional costs generated by the consequences of disabilities.

Address: 192 Avenue Aristide Briand, 92226 Bagneux Phone: 0 800 11 10 09 Website: AGEFIPH