We help you to strengthen and develop your skills and evolve into expertise in the field of Data Science, Predictive Analysis, and Forecasting

Predictive analytics and forecasting have taken on an increasingly important role in businesses. The latter have increasingly important and varied data.

By using them properly, they gain knowledge that they can turn into benefits and advantages that allow them to stay ahead of the competition.

All players involved in predictive analysis and forecasting (forecasters, data planners, analysts, data scientists, managers, etc.) must have the essential knowledge to apply, manage and take advantage of everything that this field can bring to the business.

We provide you with training and learning paths adapted to this field in order to acquire and develop your knowledge and skills and to progress towards expertise and performance. This will allow you to strengthen your professional career, enrich your best practices and be ready to take advantage of developments and new knowledge in predictive analysis and forecasting.


For each training, we provide you with clear information on our website. You can download a training sheet for each offer. For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

at least 15 days before the start of the training, and once your registration has been confirmed, you will receive a questionnaire to let us know your expectations. If necessary, an interview will follow at the latest one week before the start of the training to deepen them.

Once registration has been confirmed, you will receive a Participant’s Booklet by email containing information on the course you will be taking: location, schedule, program and progress.

For each training, you will find on our site a sheet clearly indicating the objectives and the precise program. This form can also be sent to you by email or post at your request. We will make sure that the objectives and the program correspond to your expectations, which you will express in the questionnaire and, possibly, during the additional interview.

Electronic documentation of the course content, case studies and exercises will be provided to you at the start of the training. At the end of it, an internship certificate will be delivered to you personally or sent by mail if applicable.

Our educational approach is based on at least three pillars: a theoretical approach, examples and case studies and applications, in particular with dedicated software when possible. You will be able to use your own data during this computer work.

You will find an evaluation and satisfaction questionnaire in the Participant’s Booklet that you will receive a few days before the start of your training. Please complete it and give it to the facilitator before the end of the training. A session of at least 30 minutes (depending on the number of participants) will be devoted to the analysis and discussion of all the evaluations.

: A fortnight after the end of your training, we will offer you a one-hour interview by phone or by any other means of communication (Skype, MSTeams, etc.) in order to analyze together how the training taken helps you in your daily work. Our trainer will give you advice and answer your questions.

We rely on a network of partners and our own experts to offer you a training offer that meets your business needs and that is innovative in their content and procedures. All of our experts come from the corporate world and business schools. They invest significant resources in order to stay on top of their areas of expertise. A CV will be sent to you before your registration is confirmed.