What about Forecast Pro * ?

Forecast Pro is proven off-the-shelf software used by more than 12 000 organizations around the world for creating statistically-based accurate forecasts that can be readily integrated into broader planning systems. Designed specifically for business forecasters, Forecast Pro is easy-to-use yet provides state-of-the-art methods and comprehensive tools.

Forecast Pro TRAC v7 includes now Machine Learning which integrates new cutting-edge methodologies to generate more accurate and reliable forecasts.   See What’s New in Forecast Pro TRAC v7


Forecast Pro is :

For academic and higher education institutions, we offer a free two-hour presentation of the principles and fundamentals of forecasting, followed by a presentation of Forecast Pro.  That’s four hours in total. For more information, please visit “PREDI TRAINING” page.

* Forecast Pro is a registered trademark of Business Forecast Systems, Inc.