PREDI consulting

We support you in consulting in the Forecasting and Predictive Analytics area

Establishing reliable forecasts of your sales and any other variables related to your business (cash flow, production, turnover) is crutial for the proper management of your business and for its performance and results.


For example, insufficient stock and late deliveries may lead to lost sales and poor customer experiences.

Such problems happen more often than you think if sales are not properly forecasted and planned. Reliable, well-monitored and well-shared forecasts at the whole company level thanks to a consistent collaborative approach make it possible to prevent the various risks related to the market, the competition and to the customers.

 It is important to be supported and advised by experts who have acquired a long and diverse experience in the field of forecasting and predictive analytics

We provide you with our expertise in the areas of auditing and diagnostics and we recommend the appropriate and reliable solutions

We design and strengthen together for your company a forecasting process with its tools and resources, methods and processes

We support you to update, rethink and develop your forecasting process and system

We mobilize the needed resources to engage your employees in the predictive analytics and forecasting field and help them develop skills and knowledge