PREDICONSULT is the trusted partner for SMEs and mid-sized companies to collectively achieve the necessary transformation for innovation, growth, and development.

We support businesses in areas at the forefront of the digital revolution, which is transforming our world and the operations of organizations.

Our consultants work closely with our clients to understand their needs, conduct a diagnosis of the current situation, and propose solutions tailored to those needs.

Our Technical Experts specialize in the fields of Data Science, Predictive Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, and Decision Techniques. They support and bring their expertise to our clients to diagnose and solve complex issues.

They can work on specific assignments or longer-term projects. They are experienced in collaborative and team-based work, communicate clearly with various project stakeholders, and manage constraints inherent in any project (timelines, budgets, resources).

Depending on the nature of the study, expertise, and consulting mission, and our clients’ objectives, we prepare a Proof of Concept (POC), which is a “prototype” that allows testing and validating a project or solution while considering the initial specifications. A POC provides the advantage of validating specific aspects of your project and ensuring that it meets your needs before moving on to a full-scale implementation or prototype.

At the end of each mission, deliverables and recommendations are the subject of a workshop to share and discuss the results.