SDK Components

At the core of the Forecast Pro SDK could also be a library of forecasting functions. The library is out there as either a Windows dynamic link library (dll) or a Linux Shared Library.

The library can either be called directly from your application or indirectly using one of several interfaces provided as a neighborhood of the Forecast Pro SDK.The library was written in Visual C++. The calling program provides data structures containing the statistic to be forecasted, instructions indicating how the forecasts should be prepared and room for the output.

The library calculates the forecasts aand provides the results.The Forecast Pro SDK includes a .NET wrapper allowing .NET applications to call the wrapper which successively calls the library.A Java Native Interface (JNI) bridge using the same strategy is additionally included for Java applications.

Finally, the Forecast Pro SDK also includes an executable program which can be launched from the instruction which does not require compiling any code.This application silently reads input from CSV files, calls the library to urge the forecasts and writes the output to a CSV file.