Forecast Pro easily integrates into your current Information System

The primary input into Forecast Pro is historical data of any variables (sales, number of customers, passengers traffic, …), although other relevant information such as unit of measure conversions and explanatory variables. You also can import other forecasts from other applications into Forecast Pro.

The primary output from Forecast Pro is various demand forecasts, which often are fed directly into ERP/MRP systems to drive other planning processes. Using Excel, CSV , Text and ODBC data input and output are facilitated. 

Technical Specifications

Forecast Pro runs on any Windows-based platform and the application itself has modest requirements. Beyond that, requirements generally scale with the size of the data.

Operating Systems:
Windows (7, 8, 10+)

Pentium-based processor or newer—a minimum of 4-8 GB RAM and 2GB hard drive space is recommended. Forecast Pro can be installed on a client machine or server (including Citrix/Windows Server). Native 32-bit or 64-bit versions are available.