WHAT ABOUT Tools and Capabilities ? *

Forecast Pro is straightforward, Accurate and Affordable.

Forecast Pro is affordable, easy-to-use and quick to implement. Additionally, it allows your team to providing comprehensive features for building a successful forecast process including :

Forecast Pro could be Integrated to any Existing Information System

With Forecast Pro, you can keep  your existing ERP or other planning systems. 

Forecast Pro can be integrated into any other systems or databases that your organization uses. With 12,000 organizations using Forecast Pro worldwide, our partner BFS solution is employed in conjunction with virtually every system under the sun.

Take advantage of Forecast Pro for solving a good range of forecasting problems

Forecast Pro offers a comprehensive portfolio of tools and facilities for solving a good range of forecasting problems. Whether you’re trying to find just the fundamentals or need advanced forecasting techniques and analytics, Forecast Pro will provide you the proper tools.

Forecast Pro allows you to get Accurate Forecasts because of the Automated Statistical Forecasting Algorith

Using strong algorithm, Forecast Pro allows you to get accurate forecasts, even for thousands of things and can account for seasonal patterns, trends, business cycles, promotional activity and more. 

Customized Hierarchies and Multiple Units of Measure

Forecasts Pro enables you to forecast at any level of granularity and simply view/report aggregate data and forecasts. It also supports hierarchy pivoting and therefore the ability to figure with forecasts in many units of measure simultaneously.

Adjust easily your Forecast and Empower your Collaborative Process

Forecast Pro eases the collaborative process to determine the ultimate forecast. Using an Excel-like grid control, you will be able to adjust easily your forecast or just by entering new values. You can do this at any level within the hierarchy, and every one changes are automatically reconciled. 

Take advantage of Forecast Proto help your Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)

In support of your organization’s S&OP process, you’ll import supplementary data into Forecast Pro ‒ like other forecasts, current inventory, and open orders ‒ to create customized reports and graphs.

You can Follow up and Compare your Previous Forecasts Accuracy

Forecast Pro helps you to maintaining an archive of your previous forecasts (both statistically–generated and adjusted forecasts) in order that you’ll compare and contrast previous forecasts to what actually happened.  

The Exception Reporting allows you to Focus on the Points that need your Attention

Forecast Pro’s flexible exception reporting allows you to specialise in areas that require your attention. The reports are easily customizable to reflect different performance metrics ‒ like forecast vs. history or whether forecast

* Thanks to our partner Forecast Pro permission, the description of the main tools and capabilities are coming from Forecast Pro resources.