PREDICONSULT holds the « Activity Declaration »
Number 11950707395 of May 2021

As Of 2 January 2024

Activity Declaration 

PREDICONSULT holds the « Activity Declaration » of trainers or training bodies provided by the French Ministry of Labour, Employment

and Social Inclusion.

Every person who carries out vocational training services must file an initial declaration of activity in the prefecture and transmit annually an

educational and financial report.

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Registration number: 11950707395 of May 2021.

PREDICONSULT is certified for the following activities: 
Training organizations (OF)

As Of 2 January 2024

What is Qualiopi certification ?

Qualiopi is a Quality Certification brand for training and skills development service providers (training organizations). It is registered with the INPI

(National Institute of Industrial Property).

Its objective is to attest to the quality of the services provided (professional training, skills assessments, validation of prior experience, learning, etc.)

under a single frame of reference. Qualiopi also aims to make the training offer easier to read for the public.

It is the Professional Future Law that made this unique quality certification compulsory, based on the National Quality framework, for all

organizations providing training services. Qualiopi will therefore replace the Datadock referencing system & the Quality Label for Training Actions

which acted as “quality control” for OFs and which were recognized by CNEFOP.

Quality certification (Qualiopi) becomes compulsory from January 1st, 2022 for vocational training and skills development providers:

  • 2020 / 2021 :Anticipate the certification obligation
  • 1er janvier 2022 : Mandatory for OF, CBC, VAE, 

Who should attend Qualiopi Certification


Vocational training and skills development providers : 

  • Training organizations (OF)
  • The Skills Assessment Centers (CBC)
  • Bodies providing Validation of prior Experience (VAE)
  • CFA (apprenticeship training centers) and apprenticeship centers

All providers who request public or pooled funding for vocational training are therefore concerned by this certification based on the national quality framework. This would represent around 48,000 training organizations.