Forecast Pro Webinar

Unlocking Precision: Leveraging AI for Enhanced Forecasting and Inventory Management

Mars 26, 2024  – Multiple Times Available  


This webinar delves into the transformative power of AI-based solutions in forecasting. Through real-world examples and expert insights, attendees will discover how AI algorithms analyze vast datasets, identify patterns, and forecast demand with unparalleled accuracy. This webinar will also explore how these insights empower organizations to streamline operations, reduce stockouts, minimize excess inventory, and ultimately improve profitability.

Key topics to be covered include:

  • Understanding the role of AI in forecasting and inventory management.
  • Exploring AI-driven demand forecasting models and their benefits.
  • Case studies showcasing successful integration of AI solutions in diverse industries.
  • Overcoming challenges and best practices for adopting AI-based forecasting systems.


Join us as we uncover the transformative potential of AI in revolutionizing forecast accuracy and inventory health. Whether you’re a supply chain professional, inventory manager, or business leader, this webinar promises invaluable insights to stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape.


The New Era of AI. Generative AI and Synthetic Data – Between Convictions and Reality

Mars 26, 2024  – 2 pm-4 pm


Artificial Intelligence sparks numerous fears and convictions, but do they correspond to reality? What opportunities does it truly offer? Are companies ready to deploy this new technology? Invited speakers will debate live and present how and why they use AI and to what extent

Economic Forecasting Conference Webinar

February 28, 2024  – 9:15 to 11:45

Gain insight and more on these issues facing the economy at our webinar!

  • Will the Federal Reserve be aggressive with rate cuts in 2024?
  • Can we then expect a “normal” 2025 for business growth?
  • Is the new home market having a moment?
  • Will Georgia be a leading indicator for resurgence?
  • Is there a new post-pandemic travel desire and work/life norms?


Applied Machine Learning Economics, and Data Science Webinar.

February 15, 2024  – 17:00 CET 


About AMLEDS: The primary purpose of the AMLEDS webinar series is to built a virtual community of researchers, policymakers, and practitioners interested in the new generation of tools from data science, statistics, and computer science. The webinars will explore how these tools can be applied and further developed in Economics and related disciplines. 

Succeeding with Forecast Pro: Project Collaboration

February 15, 2024  

Multiple Times Available

Throughout 2024, James and Franklin will present a four-part webinar series: Succeeding with Forecast Pro. In the first webinar in this new quarterly series, you’ll learn ways to improve your collaboration in Forecast Pro TRAC.

This free session will take a deep dive into Forecast Pro TRAC’s Project Collaboration capabilities, including:

  • How to set up a Parent-Child project
  • How overrides and external data get carried to and from the Parent project
  • Examples of Project Collaboration when slicing up the hierarchy by sales rep and by geography
  • How to decide when hierarchy nodes should be locked
  • Criteria for determining when to disable forecasting

Best practices in organizing team efforts throughout the forecasting cycle (including process, roles, and timelines)


This is a free webinar

Effective Strategies for Forecasting A Product Hierarchy

January 25, 2024. 1:30 EDT 


Multiple Times AvailableIf your organization need a consistent set of forecasts across products and/or geographies, attend this free webinar to master hierarchical forecasting and navigate the challenges that come with it.

During the one-hour session, Eric Stellwagen and Sarah Darin will address key questions like:

  • Should my organization strive for “one-number” forecasts across departments?
  • How should I define the hierarchy to facilitate accurate forecasting?
  • What are the pros and cons of bottom-up, top-down, and custom allocations?
  • How do I know which reconciliation approach is right for my organization?

Using real-world examples, this session compares and contrasts different strategies for forecasting a hierarchy emphasizing best practices throughout.

Beyong Extrapolation – Using Additional Inputs to Improve Forecast Accuracy-  April 13, 2023 – 1:30 EDT


One of the biggest challenges in forecasting is knowing how to create accurate forecasts that consider all the variables that could impact demand. Leveraging additional inputs makes it possible to forecast these variables in order to capture the whole story and improve accuracy. In this free one-hour webinar Eric Stellwagen will explore different types of inputs and explain when they can add value.


This is a free webinar

How to Forecast Demand in Uncertain Times –  January 26, 2023 – 1:30 EDT


Just as the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted all our lives, it has also significantly impacted virtually all business planning processes. Even years after the onset of the pandemic there is still incredible uncertainty, making business forecasting extremely challenging for demand planners. In this free one-hour webinar, James Berry will discuss common problems organizations are facing and offer some solutions to these problems. He will provide pragmatic insight into how to use various forecasting methods and techniques to create accurate forecasts as we continue to navigate uncertainty from the global pandemic.

This is a free webinar

How to Forecast New Products and Services –  October 28, 2021 – 1:30 EDT


Let’s face it—forecasting new products is difficult. With little or no historic data, many traditional forecasting methods just won’t work. So how do you forecast new products?In this one-hour webinar, Eric Stellwagen and Sarah Darin will share some insights. They will survey different approaches for effectively forecasting new products and discuss the role of judgment and market research.

 Eric and Sarah will review the following classifications for new products and discuss pros and cons of various forecasting methods used for each category: – Replacement product – Product line extensions – New-to-company products – New-to-world products  Using real-world examples, Eric and Sarah will demonstrate popular methods for new product forecasting including product mapping (aka item supersession), forecasting by analogy, custom component models, assumption-based models and the Bass diffusion model.

Makridakis Open Forecasting Center.

On Thursday 11th February 2021, at 17:00PM (CET) we are organizing an Applied Forecasting course Ask Me Anything webinar where people can meet me and the other 2 instructors, Prof. Pasquale Cirillo and Dr. Vangelis Spiliotis, and ask anything about our online course.

Participation in the webinar is free, but registration is needed for organizational reasons.

Webinaire Gratuit : Qu’est ce que le “Machine Learning” — Pourra t-il améliorer mes prévisions?

22 Juillet 2021 à 13:30 pm – 14:30 pm EDT

Free Webinar: What Is Machine Learning — and Will It Improve My Forecasts? July 22, 2021 – 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm EDT

Machine Learning and AI have emerged as transformational methodologies with a multitude of applications—facial recognition, medical diagnosing and self-driving cars—to name but a few. But can Machine Learning be used to improve your forecasting? Recent forecasting research suggests that it can. In this webinar, Sarah Darin overviews the basics and benefits of automated Extreme Gradient Boosting (XG Boost) an effective and accurate Machine Learning algorithm recently implemented in Forecast Pro.