A POC to guide your choices in the sales forecasting process

Do you have a plan to develop your existing forecasting system, or to implement a new one? Your decision must be well tested and evaluated before making the necessary investments.

The POC (Proof of Concept) allows to validate or not such a project and greatly facilitates a right decision-making shared by the stakeholders involved in the project.

The main benefits of a POC :

  • In terms of IS and organization : the POC allows you to test and validate your project in according with the initial specifications, and allows you to assess the impacts on data management and on the organization of your company;
  • Financially : The CFO can avoid investing in a project where potential risks are not well-considered and well-evaluated;
  • In terms of Collaboration : By integrating the people and entities who are the internal players and clients of the forecasting process into your project, the POC will be an important milestone in collaborative creation, as it has a unifying and motivating effect for the teams.

Before you commit huge budget for your project, let us help you determine what the benefits and possibly the risks will really be.