The Food and Beverage sector, which transforms food production from agriculture and fishing into industrial food products, needs a wide variety of short- and medium-term forecasts.

Sales of various products, selling prices, investments, exports and imports, household expenditure in Food and Beverage products, farm income of producers, all such variables require short and medium-term forecasts.

Forecasting is also a very important input for the Supply Chain management, which enables to ensure that customers’ demand and producers’ supply are matched.

PREDICONSULT will support and help you improve your forecast seamlessly with Forecast Pro, the unequalled and efficient forecasting software. We bring our expertise in the field of auditing and consulting in order to build an efficient and reliable forecasting system for you.  We also help your team in charge of forecasting to gain stronger skills in Forecasting with tailored training in  the area of Agri-Food.  This enables you to significantly improve your forecast and gain beneficial impact on your business.