ChatGPT : Boarding for Better and for Worse!  

ChatGPT : Boarding for Better and for Worse! ChatGPT, l’IA qui pourrait changer le monde ChatGPT, the “chatbot”, or conversational agent developed by Open AI has become “THE” star of social networks. His skills and his “finds” reveal a tool of formidable efficiency. You can ask ChatGPT for almost anything: writing a poem, a speech, […]

The Main Strategic Technology Trends for 2023

How Gartner Sees Key Future Technology Strategic Trends As every year, Gartner presented its vision on the Ten Strategic Technological Trends for 2023 of ICT (Information Communication Technology). The firm challenges IT managers by inviting them to “seek other forms of operational excellence and technologies that can help them optimize resilience and scale solutions”. And for […]

The “Metaverse”: Usages, Players, and Market

Reality and prospects of the “Metaverse” What is the « Métaverse » ? The “Metaverse” is a concept describing a shared virtual universe, accessible via the Internet, in which users can interact in an immersive way. It can include elements of extended reality (XR) such as virtual worlds, online games, social experiences, virtual reality (VR), […]