Consumer Goods & Retail

Players of this sector (supermarkets, retailers, stores, companies involved with food, clothing and beverages sales and packaged goods, e-commerce to name some among many others) need various forecasts especially for supply chain management, which enables them to constantly ensure that customer demand matches their offerings.

Sales forecasts allow these players to optimally adapt their sales capacities and optimize their resources in order to avoid a deficit or excess of stocks, in particular of perishable goods.

Anticipating variations in sales and having the forecast flows of thousands of items allows for example supermarkets and retailers to negotiate prices with their suppliers. And also to optimize the return on their investments and plan commercial actions (advertising, promotions, prospecting, launch of new products, “pricing” of sales, etc.).

Forecasts are made at all levels of the sales hierarchy: by geography, by type of products, by brands, by product (SKU), etc. They are also used to better manage and optimize the estimated turnover, very often short term.

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