1 Day

ü It’s an ONLINE trainingALL DIGITAL
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üDates 2021*: 15 Mar, 14 May, 5 Oct, 10 Dec.
üDate on request available
üPrice: 280 € (VAT excluded)

Data Culture is now growing across all companies. Among many benefits, it helps decision-makers to reach smarter decisions and it increases efficiency of resource use and  allocation.


This training offers an extended overview of all aspects of data: storage, its operation, governance and legal aspects. It also will be an opportunity to learn more about the latest advances in the field.


After having completed the course, you will have learned:

• Understand the key concepts related to data, know the potential and the limits of its use.
• How to gain insight into the state of the art in academic and professional fields.
• Understanding the challenges of data and of a data-driven IS
• Gain insight into future achievements and expectations in the field
• Lean more about the limits and risks.
• Learn more about the legal aspects and the cybersecurity risks and challenges

* Subject to change till 2 months before the indicated date