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Data visualisation (Dataviz) enables all people of any company (from analysts to executives) to easily detect patterns in large volumes of internal and external data. Using visual data discovery tools, Marketing, Sales, Manufacturing and other departments of the company can learn, interprete, keep track and make better decisions.  Dataviz can improve the speed of decision-making processes within the organizations allowing them more flexibility, agility and performance. 


After having completed the course, you will have learned:

·What are the main challenges of dataviz in the organisations and understand them ?
·How to elaborate your data visualisation ? The “wireframe“, the basis before building a visual, the basic principles of design applied to the dataviz (colors, texts, shapes), ….
·What are the different visuals present in Power BI, and which one to choose?
·How to choose the best visual to understand your data, and make the right decisions for your business ?

·How to continuously improve your Dashboards ?

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