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ALearn by example is the basis of Deep Learning which is a Machine Learning technique that teaches computers to do what comes naturally to humans. It is getting more and more attention because it allowed new adoption and usage. It uses for example multiple data sources to flag a decision as a fraud in real-time. In digital advertising, it allows categorization of users based on their previous purchase and browsing history and recommend relevant and personalized advertisements in real-time.


After having completed the course, you will have learned:

  • Introduction to Deep Learning: Basic concepts, principles and operation
  • Application areas and examples
  • The main tools: TensorFlow, Keras, …
  • From Machine Learning to Deep Learning
  • The fields of application of Deep Learning: image, video, natural language, etc.
  • Business applications: production, HR, management, sales and marketing, planning, logistics, medicine, commerce, cybersecurity, e
  • The main neural networks: Artificial networks (ANN), Recurring Networks (RNN), Convolutional Networks (CNN), Training various neural networks
  • Case study, examples of applications and exercises

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