Electric & Gaz Utilities

The energy sector includes the production, transport, transformation, distribution and sale of various energy sources. All players in this vertical (natural gas and electricity suppliers, distribution network operators, energy producers, regulators) must have forecasts of the various variables entering into their own or sectoral activities.

This is a crucial step in informing, evaluating and preparing strategic and operational decisions.

In the electricity sector, one of the most decisive variables to predict is the demand for electricity overall and by market (companies, individuals, etc.). Forecasting at this level makes it possible, among other things, to assess the infrastructure construction needs (factories, power plants, electricity networks) that they require in the medium and long term (5 to 20 years). Another very important variable concerns supply: low, it can lead to expensive purchases or breakdowns, hight, it negatively impacts income by not selling unused capacity, especially since electricity is not storable.

In the short term (1 to 12 months), forecasting demand and supply are important for operational management needs. Supply forecasting to meet the demand for electricity from various customer segments are necessary over a very short term (1 to 24 hours).

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