Whether for the demand for care or the demand for health, forecasting is decisive for several players in the healthcare sector. The main players are hospitals, clinics, public or private organizational bodies in charge of the management of health and care (social security, mutuals, regulatory bodies, etc.) and pharmaceutical laboratories. All have various forecasting needs depending on their roles.

Forecasting the consumption of healthcare and medical goods and healthcare expenditure allows organizations which finance them such as social security and mutual societies to forecast healthcare expenditure and to set their respective budgets. The forecast of these indicators allows hospitals and clinics to plan investments in health infrastructure (new sites, opening / closing of services, bed capacity, etc.) and the recruitment of healthcare personnel.


If the demand for care or the demand for health requires rather more the use of econometric models, other variables which are part of a short-term perspective rather require forecasting based on time series: capacity of beds, ” pricing ”, supply chain, etc.

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