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üDates 2022*: 9 March, 23 May, 22 Sep, 28 Nov.
üDates 2023*: 20 Feb, 5 June, 2 Oct, 7 Dec
üDate on request available
üPrice: 880 € (VAT excluded)

In a highly competitive world where responsiveness and adaptation are essential keys to success, forecasting is a vital step. A company that has a solid forecasting process in place will be able to anticipate and adapt and, as a result, will have an essential lead over its competitors.


After having completed the course, you will have learned:

· How to scale and develop an existing forecasting system and process
· How to implement a system with its tools and processes in a business that does not have one
· Which approach to use? With which players within the company
· How and why to develop forecasts and track and measure the performance of forecasts and bring them closer to objectives
· How this system will fit into the company’s IS

           · How to insert your forecasts into a collaborative approach 

* Subject to change till 2 months before the indicated date  

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