IT & Telecoms

IT and Telecoms are converging in many areas, such as in the Cloud and data centers, cybersecurity, data, Internet of Things (IoT) and corporate networks. Forecasting helps operators, providers and manufacturers to assess and make their strategic decisions in the medium and long term, and often operational in the short term.

The most used forecasts concern Sales and IT and Telecoms spending of enterprise/business customers (Large accounts, MNs, SMEs, professionals) and Home customers (residential) for all product and service segments. For enterprise/business markets, operators and providers need forecasting including communications services, IT services, business software and hardware, and equipment. For the residential market, forecasting concerns demand for communication services (fixed, mobile, VoIP, IPTV) and devices (smartphones, etc.). Forecasting is used for network sizing (internet, fixed, mobile), for planning investments in networks and devices and other resources (HR).


In the short term, forecasting demand for all products and services, and for all market segments is crucial for the operational activities of operators in areas such as budget, marketing (promotions, pricing, new products, etc. ) and supply-chain.

Finally, players in the IT and Telecoms sectors also need forecasting for new usages and new equipments which require different modeling and forecasting techniques (growth curves, substitution effects, etc.).

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