2 Days

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üPrice In Person:    1 880 € (VAT excluded)
üPrice Online:         1 680 € (VAT excluded)

This very practical training is for all those wishing to be quickly operational in machine learning. All the major ML topics are discussed and put into practice with examples that can serve as inspiration, to be reused in the workplace.


The main objectives are to have an extended vision of machine learning, and its capabilities to respond to certain issues and to be able to predict or classify phenomena from past observations.


After having completed the course, you will have learned:

· Understand and implement the ML approach,
· What are the differences between Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence,
· How to develop and assess the quality of an ML model ?
· Have a complete overview of the most common models, and know their strengths and weaknesses ?
· Learn more about the supervised and non-supervised Learning

* Subject to change till 2 months before the indicated date

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