Forecasting is a crucial step in strategic and operational decisions for all players in the manufacturing industry. This includes all the activities that produce material goods, through the transformation of raw materials or materials that have already undergone one or more transformations.

In the Aerospace sector, aircraft manufacturers, engine manufacturers and equipment manufacturers have specific forecasting needs which can have a decisive impact on their development and marketing strategies for all types of aircrafts.

Thus, for a manufacturer, it is important to have forecasts on the demand for aircraft from various customers (airlines, private operators, States). This demand is segmented, for example, by type of aircraft (medium and long-haul single-aisle, wide-body aircraft, etc.) and by market (business, cargo, passengers, even military).

The demand for airplanes is expressed primarily by airlines on the basis of the demand for transport and the freight and passenger traffic that they produce.


Based on aircraft demand, manufacturers forecast the volume of aircraft to be produced, the various configurations requested by customers, the production rate and deliveries. Forecasting also feeds the supply chain of manufacturers and their suppliers in order to optimally meet the needs of production chains.

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