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üDates 2022*: 7 Feb, 11 Apr, 20 June, 16 Sep, 18 Nov.
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Power BI is an assemblage of software program services and apps allowing any organization which gather and manage an enormous amount of internal and external transactional data to learn more about the various activities (Marketing, Sales, Manufacturing, HR, Supply-Chain, …) and to gain very valuable insights for the business.


After having completed the course, you will have learned:

·What is Power BI ? What are the differences with Power Platform, Nocode softwares, big data …?
·How to create a local power BI structure ? Understand the difference between data and metadata, create folders, rename your files
·How to manipulate and transform the data for the required analysis ? Introduction to Power Query, know how to process and manipulate data, create formulas in Language M.


·How to create a dashboard ? Know how to model data; know how to visualize the data, create formulas in DAX Language.

* Subject to change till 2 months before the indicated date