Tourism & Leisure

Despite the development of new forms of leisure and accommodation, which are disrupting the traditional tourism industry, such as “responsible tourism” (collaborative consumption and accommodation and leisure offers among residents), forecasting the number of tourist arrivals, overnight stays (in hotels, residences, etc.), average expenditure and revenue per visitor and sector revenues remain a central element of tourism forecasts.

For example, forecasting tourism demand is of great importance for hotels, tour operators and other players involved in tourism (transportation, leisure) in order to adjust their service offerings and accommodation capacities and to reduce risks and optimize revenue.

In the short-term, forecasting tourism demand is crucial for hotel operational activities in areas such as Revenue Management, pricing and promotion management to optimize room occupancy and revenue.

In the medium and long term, forecasts enable hotels planning the construction of new infrastructures, the financial investments and the resources (HR, partnerships with other players such as tour operators, etc.).

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