Transportation & Logistics

Forecasts are a crucial step for strategic and operational decisions for all players in Transportation and Logistics.

In the air transportation industry, Airlines, Airports, Regulation Authorities, Suppliers and Manufacturing partners have various needs depending on their businesses.

For any airline, it is important to assess how many aircrafts they should order allowing them fleet sizing,  where to fly to build the network structure, how many ground and inflight staff to recruit, . These decisions have long-term impact on all aspects of the airline business.   

In the other hand, Forecasting of capacity, demand and prices for passengers and freight are crucial for operations in areas such as Revenue Management and pricing (improved forecast accuracy will improve revenue), promotions to optimizing the fleet and revenue.

In the transportation and logistics industry, forecast is needed to size and optimize the fleet, the revenue and the network (route optimization and traffic management). Especially in a context of strong constraints such as reduction of delivery times and optimization of fuel costs.

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