Verticals : Supply-Chain’s Software needs are growing rapidly

Verticals : Supply-Chain's Software needs are growing rapidly.

PREDICONSULT provides logistics and supply chain customers with software solutions, such as Forecast Pro, to forecast demand for a variety of products and services. But this sector also needs other software (such as integrated management software) in order to manage the various activities inherent in supply chain management. Demand in this direction tends to grow strongly in the coming years.

The dynamics of the software and supply-chain platforms market seems unwavering

It is with this in mind that the study published by Xerfi on 03 February 2021 “The market for software and supply-chain platforms by 2023” seems interesting to us. Xerfi analyses in detail the demand and expectations of the main customer markets in this sector and deciphers the growth drivers of the players illustrated by case studies. All this with forecast scenarios on the global market and the turnover of specialized players in France by 2023.

According to Xerfi, “The dynamics of the software and supply-chain platforms market seem promizing. The health and economic crisis has even underlined, if necessary, the crucial importance of end-to-end and real-time visibility of companies on their supply chain. And in the face of the disorganization of transport plans, TMS suppliers, tracking platforms and digital commissionaires have been on the front line to help shippers drive their activities. But the good promises of the French market are attracting covetousness, especially from new foreign entrants and investment funds. In this context of competitive intensification and while the interoperability of solutions have never been stronger, what are the development levers favoured by the players? And what are the real growth prospects for the market and specialty publishers by 2023? ».

XERFI’s study proposes a work to anticipate market developments by 2023

Among the strengths of this study, we noted the work of anticipating market developments by 2023 through numerous indicators, such as the global market and turnover. This is likely to apprehend the dynamics of the Supply-Chain software and platform market. Finally, this study outlines the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on the market and outlines its growth prospects by 2023.

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