ChatGPT can produce Quantitative Forecasts !

In our previous article “ChatGPT: boarding for better and worse”, we saw that this conversational agent developed by Open AI is a tool of formidable efficiency. “You can ask ChatGPT for almost anything: writing a poem, a speech, an article, a song, in almost any language. It can also help write codes and programs that […]

Machine Learning for Forecasting New Products

Machine Learning can be used to understand and predict a product launch for a new product with particular attributes (as defined by a training dataset), but the accuracy of the forecast for a given new product will definitely depend on how well the specified attributes actually describe or “capture” a new product. In that regards, […]

51 Most Innovative Predictive Analytics Startups & Companies  in France

In his article « 51 Most Innovative Predictive Analytics Startups & Companies  in France » of May 2022, Data Magazine has included PREDICONSULT in the list of the Best Predictive Analytics Companies and Startups.   PREDICONSULT is a young Company and we are proud of this achievement. According to Data Magazine : « We selected these startups and […]

An Introduction to Statistical Learning, with Applications in R

An Introduction to Statistical Learning, with Applications in R, written by Gareth James,  Daniela Witten, Trevor Hastie and Robert Tibshirani (2021) is really a must.   An Introduction to Statistical Learning (free access here) ” provides an accessible overview of the field of statistical learning, an essential toolset for making sense of the vast and complex data […]

The market for Data Science and Machine Learning is growing and promising

As part of its Magic Quadrant 2021 (the first was carried out in 2014), published on March 1, 2021, Gartner has released a detailed analysis of the solutions proposed by 20 players related to Data Science and Machine Learning. This report should help many organizations that have adopted the “data culture” and are using artificial […]

Forecast Pro brings your Data, your Forecast and your Business into the Era of Artificial Intelligence

Our partner Business Forecast Systems, Inc.(BFS, Inc) has announced that Forecast Pro TRAC Version 7 will be released shortly ! It introduces 3 important new functionalities:   Machine Learning: integrates new cutting-edge methodologies to generate more accurate and reliable forecasts ; Product Mapping: allows to easily handle product and warehouse introductions and transitions ; Forecast Value Add: […]

Forecasting with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

As part of the annual meeting of the International Symposium on Forecasting – Virtual ISF 2021 | 27 au 30 Juin 2021, PREDICONSULT will be organizing two sessions where five papers will be presented on the topic of “How to predict with artificial intelligence”. The meetings, which will bring together academic researchers and business practitioners, […]

What is “Data Culture” and how can it be implemented ?

The “Data Culture” is progressing rapidly within organizations in many industrialized countries. Companies know that in order to improve their competitiveness and win markets, they must take advantage of the data they have and gain all the benefits they can achieve, such as better customer knowledge, improved decision-making assistance, better performance management (KPI’s, etc.). Tools […]

Machine Learning seen by IBM

In Artificial Intelligence, a machine is taught to exhibit “intelligent” behavior. In machine learning, machines are taught to learn. Through what they learn, machines can then make decisions. However, machines cannot learn like humans or animals do, so they learn from data. Machine Learning’s algorithms allow machines to learn very complex models and process a […]